Welcome back to the new old Moongazing

It’s… been awhile, hasn’t it? Since we had adventures with our friends in space? I’m sorry about that. That it stopped, and that it’s taken a long time to get things starting back up again. I missed Moongazing.

Well, I’m going to start it up again. I have over 100 comics drawn that I can post. Once we reach the end of all that… we’ll see. I’d like the story to continue, to show you everything I had planned. But who can promise anything in the world these days? For now let’s just enjoy this, the re-unfolding of Moongazing. I am NOT redrawing them, just posting the old pages and panels you know. If you happen to spot any differences, rest assured they are in service of readability (removing a bad font choice I made early on, with a minimum of balloon adjustment).

I am still making my way around my new site controls so it will be a week or two before the comic pages start arriving. In the meantime please follow me on Twitter and Instagram to see what I’m up to (psst! It includes a whole new comic already underway). You can also support my art via Patreon or Ko-Fi (be my first!).

That’s all for now. See you in the funny papers.